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Flexible jobs for university students

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

There are lots of opportunities for medical students to earn some extra money alongside their degree, both within and outside of university.


Student ambassador/Widening Participation ambassadors

Student ambassadors represent the university and deliver campus tours and support open days, inbound school visits and other conferences and events. A student ambassador is supposed to be a positive student role model, encouraging young people to consider higher education. I have given presentations in schools, colleges and at open days and worked at Higher Education Fairs in Sixth Form institutions/colleges across the country. My role also includes teaching clinical skills to those aged 12-18 years and mentoring students hoping to go to university. Look out for these roles within your university and sign up to them early as they are competitive and have narrow recruitment dates. For King’s, recruitment opens up in September (click here to bookmark the page).

Working within Residences – ‘Residence Associate’ or ‘Community Facilitator’ (King’s)

Community Facilitators are returning undergraduate students and post graduate students who are living in our Residences to build a fun, inclusive and friendly community. As a CF, I have planned and hosted events in residence halls to create a fun and inclusive community for King’s students to be able to call home and provide the best student experience for the students across central London. Please be aware that you will still be expected to pay rent but will be paid for the hours you do within this role.

Student union jobs

You can work as a barista or a bartender for your Student Union’s bars or cafés. Look out for vacancies posted on your Student Union website. Alternatively, you can take up paid roles as a member of running your Student Union. This can be part-time as a receptionist or full-time like working as part of the Finance Department or even being President of the Student Union and representing the views of students across your university. Because these are full-time paid roles, so you are often required to take a year out of your education.

Working at the gym

If you’re a fitness fanatic and want to be able to teach classes and gain some personal training experience, working for your university gym is a great way to do this. The pay is great, and you get to keep active! Don’t worry, there are also receptionist shifts too.


Barista – Costa, Starbucks, and several other small local coffee shops are usually keen to hire young, fresh, and keen students who are flexible but committed to undertaking a role there.

Babysitting – There are several apps and websites that you can sign up as a babysitter for. Since you’re a medical student, you’ll already have a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) report to prove you have no prior unsafe convictions, and parents are often attracted to you because you already seem responsible and safe.

Tutoring – This is one of the most popular ways people make money alongside their university studies. Tutoring can keep your own knowledge up to date and refine your teaching skills whilst greatly helping someone else. It’s even better when they achieve amazing grades and you reach new successes together.

Healthcare assistant or Care Home assistant – This is a good job for healthcare students as you can practice your clinical skills and get used to the environment you will be working in during your future career. The shifts are often flexible as you can sign up as one of the Bank staff. This allows you to book shifts when it suits you.

Having a job during medical school is definitely manageable but may get more difficult as you progress throughout the degree. Your best bet is to try and get a flexible, well-paying job that you enjoy that allows you to meet your money goals each month.

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