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Relocating to France as a doctor

Relocating to France as a doctor


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Medical professionals relocating to practice in other countries is not an unusual occurrence, but finding relevant, helpful information is. If you are a keen medical student or doctor who wants to broaden your horizons, this guide will serve as a central source of information regarding the necessary requirements for relocating as a doctor to practice in France.


The guide provides information on the following:

  1. Healthcare system and structure
  2. Eligibility and exams
  3. Postgraduate training and finding a job
  4. Immigration and visas
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Checklist of the things you need to get done before relocating (with approximate time periods)


UPDATE (2022):

  • Example entry routes and standard training of doctors in the country
  • Social media account recommendations (where available)
  • AND overall top tips at the end of the guide!
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