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10 must-have apps for university

1) Adobe Scan

This is a great app that acts as a portable document scanner. This is vital for when you need to scan pages of your medical portfolio or any other evidence you may need to submit or send via email for assessment. Your phone camera acts as the scanner and it is saved as a pdf file for you to disseminate as needed. You can save copies of things on your phone that you'll always need like your DBS or passport.

2) UniDays + 3) Student Beans

These apps are fantastic money savers and have hundreds of student discounts from restaurants, to beauty to Apple products and electronics.

4) Hold app

This is my favourite productivity app. For every 20 minutes that you stay off of your phone, you accumulate points which can be exchanged for a range of incentives such £4.99 Vue Cinema tickets, free popcorn, and discounts.

5) Dusk app

This app gives you notifications about free or discounted drinks at restaurants, pubs, and clubs wherever you are. It's a great way to end a busy university day with friends or to start a night out.

6) Geeky Medics

Geeky Medics is a fantastic online medical education platform. I use it to look up medical conditions, how to do medical examinations correctly, and it has a bank of over 5000 multiple-choice questions.

7) BNF

The British National Formulary is a United Kingdom pharmaceutical reference book that contains a wide spectrum of information and advice on prescribing and pharmacology, along with specific facts and details about many medicines available on the UK National Health Service. This is a must-have for looking up all of the drugs you have to know on the go (e.g. on placement).

8) Google Keep

Essentially electronic sticky notes! This app is a fantastic way to write notes on clinical placement and organise + prioritise tasks under different headings. It also really helped me keep track of all of the society / extra-curricular tasks I had to do.

9) Splitwise

Splitwise is a fantastic app that allows you to split bills, Uber fares, takeaways... you name it. If you're living in shared housing, it is a much easier way to keep track of spending and ensure money is split fairly amongst groups.

10) Teach Me Anatomy

This app (and website) is my personal best for learning anatomy. I have the website bookmarked on my computer and the app so I can access the information wherever I go. For example, I always skim over TeachMeAnatomy content before attending my dissection sessions. It really helps information stick and is like having a free Anatomy textbook on the go.

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