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An insight into King's College London accommodation

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

During my 3 years studying at King's College London, I have lived (and worked) at student accommodation.

  • In my first year, I lived at Stamford Street Apartments, Waterloo

  • In my 2nd year and 3rd year, I lived at Great Dover Street Apartments, Borough

Have a look at what accommodations suit your location and budgeting needs by checking out the King's website:

Each accommodation cost me ~ £8,500 for a 40 week contract

Each accommodation has a 24/7 reception area where you go and collect your deliveries/mail, report any problems with your room and sign your guests in. Signing guests in can become a bit of a tiring task - I have especially found it annoying over the years - however, it is for safeguarding purposes. If you prefer a bit more privacy with your guests and mail etc., renting privately may be better for you or going for the Unite Students accommodations as opposed to the King's-owned residences. Stamford Street Apartments and Great Dover Street Apartments are owned by King's College London along with Champion Hill. All of these residences have laundry rooms, irons and ironing boards (so you do not need to bring these)!

One defining feature of King's College London accommodation is the provision of KAAS (King's Affordable Accommodation Scheme).

KAAS is a rent model to maximise the number of rooms that are priced at the lowest possible rates, so that students from more challenging financial backgrounds can still access accommodation.

Find out more about the eligibility of the KAAS scheme and how to apply here

I spent my first year of university at Stamford Street Apartments (click on the link to see the official King's College London webpage) in Waterloo.

< This is a video of my room before it was decorated. I got an ensuite room so I had my own bathroom. The bathroom is a wet room so make sure that you bring a towel to place just outside of it, to make sure your carpet does not get wet. The rooms are fairly small and my room was on the 4th floor - with a window that faced onto the street. The downside of this was that the traffic was very loud when I opened my window. I also shared a kitchen with 6 other flatmates. Stamford Street residents also have access to a small study area near reception and Waterloo Gym.

< This was my room when it was fully decorated. You're not supposed to have a kettle in your room but I advise you to bring one as not all kitchens are stocked with one. That goes for toasters too!

Many of the other students were also first year and the social life was great. The location is fantastic - Waterloo Campus is across the road; you can walk to the London Eye, over Waterloo Bridge to get to Strand and Covent Garden; and Waterloo Station is nearby with several transport links. A lot of Strand and Waterloo Campus students live here as it is very close to both of these campuses! I walked ~20 mins to Guy's Campus for my classes.

I used the gym quite regularly - it is a 1 minute short walk away from the accommodation and this is also where the laundry room is. This is quite an inconvenience when you have to carry a whole heap of clothes down a busy London street - even if it is only for 1 minute but overall, Stamford Street Apartments is affordable, friendly and a decent place to stay for your first year!

I spent my 2nd and 3rd year at Great Dover Street Apartments.

In my 2nd year, I got a standard ensuite room and in my 3rd year, I got a large ensuite < (as seen in the video). The respective prices for these rooms and the difference in room size can be found by clicking the title link.

I much preferred the large ensuite because there is a huge difference in space! However, the bathroom size remains the same. Great Dover Street Apartments ensuite bathrooms are not the best. The shower and the toilet are very close together, so much so that you have to close the toilet seat whenever you are having a shower to prevent it filling up! Again, the bathroom is a wet room so make sure you bring a towel to stop your carpet from getting wet.

Great Dover Street Apartments is located in central London, a short walk from some of London's most visited attractions, including Borough Market and The Shard. Great Dover Street provides a vibrant and friendly atmosphere and has a gym within the residence. It has a good social life and a lot of medics live here since it is very close to Guy's Campus (~10 mins walk away). London Bridge Station is also near Guy's so it provides easy access routes to London and the rest of the UK. 

Have a look at the King's website to find the accommodation that suits you! I hope this give you a better insight into my experience of my first 3 years. Now, I hope to rent privately as I am getting older and want more freedom and privacy.

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Do any of the non-refurbished SSA bathrooms have a curtain or shower screen?

Jul 11, 2023
Replying to

No unfortunately not!


Hi! Are there any videos of a standard GDS en-suite?

Dec 11, 2021
Replying to

I didn’t manage to find a video of my GDS Standard ensuite room, unfortunately. But it’s worth checking out some room tours that students have done on YouTube. That’s what I did to inform my decision!

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