Jessica O’Logbon is a London medical student who is keen to explore the diverse routes available within a career in healthcare. She has been involved in healthcare leadership, innovation and research, and continuously strives to make change in her local and global communities. 


She combines her passions of medicine and outreach through her volunteering, mentoring and leadership positions within university and beyond in order to positively influence and inspire the next generation. 


Progress with Jess was launched as a platform to provide in-depth support for aspiring and current medical students along their journeys to becoming doctors and help them in fulfilling their potential every step of the way.


A range of services and resources for prospective medical students

Sharing opportunities, resources and my journey throughout medical school, whilst creating a community of medical students who can support one another with personal and professional development

My gap year experience and specific resources to help students who are reapplying to medical school

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Jessica O'Logbon

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