Personal Statement Review

I review personal statements to ensure you are showcasing yourself in the best possible way for your desired degree.



Please book a session with me using the sidebar. The date you choose will determine the deadline you will get your personal statement back. 

I am doing free personal statement reviews until 30 June. In this case, once you have booked a slot, no payment is required.

You will receive a confirmation email detailing the instructions on how to send your personal statement (as a Microsoft Word Document and include your name and university subject of study in the file name). Please check your junk to ensure you do not miss this email.

I will comment on your personal statement using Microsoft Word tracking. Your submission will be treated confidentially and discarded after I have sent it back to you.

Please be aware that due to the volume of submissions I receive, I am only able to review your personal statement once per booking.

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Sent back to you within 5-7 days


Sent back to you within 1-3 days 

Same day

Sent back to you within 24 hrs

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