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Interview practice sessions MASTER LIST

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The UCAS deadline for Medicine, Dentistry and Oxbridge applications officially passed on 15th October and the next step is the interview. In this blog post, I'll talk about the interview practice that I did and the fantastic resources you can use and practice sessions you can book.

During the first application cycle, I did not do enough interview practice. I did some mock sessions with teachers at school but did not pay for any practice / do any externally. Unfortunately, I ended up getting NO offers so I really do recommend taking interview practice as seriously as possible (without breaking your bank).

When I reapplied during my gap year, I didn't really have anyone to practice with. I did go back to my old Sixth Form to get some interview practice with the teachers there but nothing beats doing a mock interview with an actual medical student or medical professional. I decided to pay for The Medic Portal's 1-day Intensive MMI Interview course (which was a whopping £135 in 2017 - I see it's £120 this year for the online version). I was working at the time so it seemed like a decent investment but I sure wouldn't pay more than £50 on a course now (if you can afford it though, go ahead).

It was a whole morning of lectures and small group teaching about how to tackle the questions that you may be asked at an interview. Some of the strategies I took away from the event and actually used in my real interview can be found in my blog post here

We then spent the afternoon going through 20 MMI stations... yes, 20! 2 sets of 10 stations. It was SO intense but the feedback was fantastic. We received written feedback on each and every station. Majority of the interviews also took place with real life doctors so the feedback was invaluable as they could tell you exactly what to avoid and what was particularly good.

However, I'm here to tell you that, retrospectively, I would not have spent that much on an interview course. Obviously, back then I was desperate. I didn't have the connections to any doctors or medical students - let alone any that could sit down and do hours of interview practice with me for free. Companies know this and unfortunately, do profit off of it. However, it is also worth keeping in mind that these organisations do have to pay for venues and some of the doctors they hire for the day so unless it's a voluntary event, interview practice sessions can incur some costs.

Therefore, you've got to search far and wide for the free options out there. A few resources and question banks can be found below:

Organisations / individuals that run free interview practice and share lots of helpful tips for their university (check specific eligibility criteria and keep up to date with their social media accounts):

I highly recommend regularly searching medical school interview practice on Eventbrite to take advantage of FREE (and often under-promoted) events. Search 'UK medical school interview practice', 'MMI practice' etc. to yield the best results.

Free sessions found on Eventbrite (as of 20/01/21):

Paid events - (as of 20/01/21):

Med Simple runs a fantastic, in-depth 1-month interview course and my good friend Uyiosa, the founder of Med Simple has kindly allowed me to share a code that will give you £10 off should you wish to sign up: Medsimple10

Sign up here

I will update these lists every week on SUNDAY so keep checking back!

I hope to run FREE interview sessions in both the MMI and panel format via Zoom.

  • For the MMI sessions, these will hold a maximum of 10 students with 11 stations (1 rest station) and you will be assigned to breakout rooms and required to move through each one in a timed fashion to mimic the real MMI.

  • For panel sessions, these will hold a maximum of 10 students, who will be assigned to breakout rooms and have a 30 mins interview with their 'panel'. This means ideally 10 interviews will be happening concurrently.

I am currently trying to accommodate as many of you as possible and these will hopefully be taking place on a weekly basis, mainly on Sunday afternoons from Jan 2021 onwards. Stay tuned for more information and how to sign up!

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